How to Write Internship Acceptance Letter in 2022

First of all, congrats, on landing an internship opportunity in the company you have been trying. Now you are one phase away from your planned internship.

An internship acceptance letter is written by the former applicant as a way to show consent that he or she is ready for the internship offer.

Continue to read the article to know about every detail of an internship acceptance letter. In the end, you will get to internship acceptance letter sample for easy understanding that you can take inspiration from.

Importance of Internship Acceptance Letter

In this competitive world, where everyone is looking after the vocational courses as well as training it is not surprising to know about the importance of the internship.  Since you have passed the first stage of convincing HR for an internship offer.

Therefore, it’s your last formality before initiating the internship. Though you may find it not as important. But in reality, it’s just the opposite. You must try to write a formal acceptance letter that is free from any kind of error. It must show clarity to the Hiring team.

Tips on how to write an internship acceptance letter?

As an important note, do remember that every time you get an internship offer, don’t forget to consult the career advisor. It is so because your career advisor knows best about the benefits you will have from an internship and at the same, he can prevent you from any type of fraud.

If you find that the internship offer goes in congruence with your career goals then only proceed with writing the internship acceptance letter.

1.   Mention the offer in the letter itself.

Since the acceptance letter is kind of a formality on your part that you have accepted the letter, therefore, you should write about the internship offer in the letter.

Sometimes, before accepting the letter you may have already had a conversation about the details of the job with the authorities over the phone. In that case, it’s also good to write the job offer in a letter.

Also, while writing the offer you once more can revise the offer before accepting it.

2.   Your consent should be in the first sentence.

Though the letter should consist of three brief paras, however, your consent regarding acceptance of the letter should be in the first sentence itself.

When you accept the offer then start the letter with an official acceptance statement. It helps in saving the time of the hiring manager after dealing with multiple letters.

The Hiring manager will note right away about your acceptance of the letter when you begin with an acceptance statement. For example, write in this way;

With great optimism, I am hereby informing the respective authorities that I accept the sales intern offer conveyed by your company.

 Also, don’t forget to mention the position in which you are accepting the internship offer.

3.   Repeat the joining date in the letter.

Every accepting letter needs to inform you about the date from which you can join their date.

In that matter, if you can start after a few days from the expected days, then you can request them to excuse you for those gap days. But be sure about the starting date and then confirm them about the date.

A delay in the first day itself will not create a good impression about yourself. Followed by that if you have any extra queries after the acceptance of the offer, then also you can ask them in the same letter.

4.   Thank them for providing you the offer.

At the end of your letter don’t forget to thank them and show your greatness that they have considered you fit for the intern role.

Be assured that you maintain the standard formal tone in the letter.

Don’t use any kind of unrecognized abbreviated form of words and avoid the use of emojis if you are emailing them.

The acceptance letter creates an impression about yourself, so be sure that you sound enthusiastic and grateful all at the same time.

5.   Cross-check the letter.

After you finish writing the letter, don’t forget to cross-check the letter before posting the letter. Check whether the writing to be, spelling, grammar, and other elements of your letter are perfect or not. In case you are not sure whether any changes are required or not then use proofreading tools like and cross-check the errors present in your letter.

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Therefore, writing an acceptance letter comes under the formality of officially announcing your willingness to work with them. Though you should sound excited and grateful in the letter, don’t use any kind of informal tone in the letter, as it will not give a good impression about yourself to the authorities.  So, write the acceptance letter and start working on your dream internship offer.

Internship Acceptance Letter Format.

 Hiring manager name (DEF), 
 Begin with an acceptance statement ( I am ready to accept your internship offer for the company so and so). Then mention the post you are ready to work in. Talk about how excited you are to work in that organization. 
 Then mention the time and date you are ready to start your internship project. Provide your contact details for further contact. 
 Thank the reader. 
 (Your name).
 ( signature).

Internship Acceptance Letter Examples.

Since you have already got to know about the tips and their importance, let’s move to the example part.

Below you will find one letter of acceptance example and one template.  Later, another internship acceptance format in the email is also present.

Internship Acceptance Letter Example 1

 Dear Mr. Gladstone, 
 I am all excited to inform you that I am ready to accept your internship offer for the post of the senior marketing agent. Previously, I heard a lot about the master achievement of your organization, and I am thrilled to learn from the team. At the same time, I promise to help the organization in reaching its end goals. 
 As discussed over the phone, I can join your organization from 20th August 2021 at regular office timings. That is, at sharp 9:30 AM. 
 In the end, I'd like to thank you for providing me with such an amazing opportunity to serve your organization. 
 12 August 2021. 

Internship Acceptance Letter Example 2 – Email Format

 Subject: accepting the internship offer. 
 With due respect, I am thrilled to accept the internship offer for the intern position of senior sales head. I can join from 27 August 2021 and can work five days a week. ( if you have any queries, ask them!)
 Looking forward to earning new experiences. 
 Thank you. 


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