10 Simple Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out In 2022

In this blog post, we will be discussing how you can write a perfect resume that can help you land any job that you are applying for. If you follow the tips included in this post you will definitely be able to write a compelling resume.

Writing a resume has its own rules in itself. Though we sometimes think that it’s not a big deal to write a resume but a lot depends on the format and writing pattern of the resume.

For example, have you tried your luck and applied for multiple job posts? But unfortunately, you haven’t yet landed your dream job, then maybe that’s because you have not tried your hands in writing a good resume.

Some surveys related to career development have revealed a good resume writing is even more important than having a list of achievements. 

So, it’s important for you now to know how to write a good resume. This article will help you out with some useful tips for writing a perfect resume. Along with the tips, you will find illustrations to help you more regarding that. So, stay focused!

What a resume is?

A resume is a formal document consisting of an itemized list of achievements, skills, and qualifications. In your resume, you should learn how to impressively reflect your positive sides, your educational background, and other qualifications. At the same time, your resume-building capability should be flexible. That is, you should know how to swiftly frame a good resume depending on the type of job.

Tips for a stand-out resume.

Below you will find real-life ten tips for writing an advanced resume. Those are as follow-

1.   Fetch out some keywords from the job requirement.

To begin writing something, it’s important at first to read them well. In this case for the beginning of your resume, you should read the job posting well. And frame out a rational answer about why the job posting is attracting you? Study thoroughly teh job descriptions and fetch out keywords from them. It will impress the employer and towards you. They can consider a good fit for the job in this way.

Example: One such resume example is that, if you apply for the post of sales executive you may come across key phrases like marketing, exchanges, industries, etc. Study them well and try to add such skills to your resume. In the skills section, you can write that I am well aware of marketing.

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2.   Revisit some of the resume examples from the job type you are applying for.

If you are a fresher then it’s always good to visit some of the already written experienced resumes from the industry. And based on them try to design your resume. But in general, you have to make it easy to read, maintain clarity and brevity, and use bullets wherever applicable.

However, at the same time don’t copy from them and maintain your uniqueness and distinct quality for the resume.

3.   Don’t use any random fonts.

Often people don’t consider the importance of a correct font style and size while composing a resume. The applicant in haste composes their resume and often doesn’t realize that employers use to review every resume in a short period. Therefore, it is important to maintain a certain decent font style in the resume. Therefore, it’s good to design a resume with Times new roman don’t and don’t size 12 to 14.

Also, sometimes people leave out the importance of maintaining line space and alignment in a resume. It matters for the employee to overview whether there leaves out an extra gap between two terminologies or more such issues like that.

4.   Point out the important information about yourself in the resume.

Since you have to maintain conciseness for the resume, therefore, you just can’t add anything random in the resume. Only point out the important matters and achievements of yours in the resume. And also order the resume from first to last based on the importance of the information. As a part of important resume Writing tips, you can’t keep the most crucial information about yourself for the last. Otherwise, the employer can skip that part and only consider the not-so-important part. So, ordering a resume is also important.

5.   Use power words in the resume.

Another way to impress HR towards your resume is that instead of using extra terms you simply can add power words. This makes the Writing more concise yet professional in look.

For example:

Extraneous sentences- I’ve completed my three years of conflict studies in_____  institution. Then, I have worked in_____________ in the post of____

Power sentence- Done conflict studies for three years and also worked as _______(post name) in ______

6.   Highlight the most important achievements.

If you have a long list of work experience and subsequent achievements related to them, then at first chalk out the most important achievements according to you. And based on that, further, Grimm down the top three best achievements as per you which goes with the job requirements. Then, make a separate section on skills and achievement and then include those achievements there.

7.   Cancel the irrelevant subheadings that do not concern the job post.

If you are creating a job resume concerning someone else’s or maybe composing your resume with the help of templates, then you can cancel the subheadings which do not go with the job type.

For example, if you are fresher and don’t have relevant experiences in the field. Then you can cancel that part in place of leaving it vacant. Cancel that part with vocational or courses you are qualified at. Or you can add another relevant subheading in that section.

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8.   Make suitable margins.

In Docx or another format, there are many types of margins available or by default present on the page. For example, there are 1.5, 1.15, etc margins typed. However, in normal cases, you can use the one-inch margin type for your resume. But if you leave out too many white spaces for the resume then using a 1.5-inch margin is better.

9.   Know how to proofread your resume.

At a professional level, once you are don’t it is mandatory to cross-check the resume before mailing them. Verify the grammar, word choices, and spellings of everything in your resume. Once confirmed then only send the resume to the hiring authorities.

Pro tip: Save the file with your name.

One common mistake people make is saving the resume file in the name of the resume itself. But usually, if in a job the more than hundreds are applying then it’s difficult for them to figure out your resume superficially. Therefore, you can be on a different side by saving the resume file in the name of your name followed by ‘resume’ instead of just resume.

Like, save it: ABC.resume file name.


Therefore, if you are a fresher in the field of resume building then you definitely should try the above tips to have a good start to your career. Nowadays, in the competitive world, you no longer can take the issue of composing your resume lightly. You have to bring expert touch to your resume. So, bean expert and compose it accordingly.


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