How to Write Cover Letter for an Internship Program?

In the competitive job market the more skill you acquire, the greater are the chances for immediate hiring. And among some of the topmost skills, applying for an internship is a good decision. 

Internship by definition is a training-based program where you will get trained in the field and add experience to your resume.

The internship program occurs for a certain period and at the end of the period, you will get some perks like a certificate and stipend.

Few things you must look at while supplying for an internship course will be widely discussed in this article. You will also stepwise learn how you can apply for an internship.

Why to apply for an internship?

The most convincing reason to apply for an internship program is the enhancement of career ability. With an internship, you will get in-field career experience.

For example, it’s always better to apply for a sales internship program before looking for a sales manager job. Some of the extra advantages of an internship program particularly a summer internship program are-

  1. There are a wide variety of choices for exploring multiple career paths.
  2. Find an internship at Google, which will enhance your skills required for career advancement.
  3. You will have more experience to mention in your resume.
  4. You will learn to manage professional relationships and handle multiple tasks at one time.

Time to apply for an internship program.

It’s said that applying for an internship is appropriate at the seasonal beginning, like in the summer season. You should apply at the initial part of the year like the months between January to April which usually doesn’t have much academic pressure and free time is there for students.

Pro tip: for applying for an internship, try to apply as early as possible at the start of the year because that increases the probability of getting selected for the internship.

How to Apply For an Internship?

An internship program is an amazing opportunity for college students to work on their qualifications. However, getting selected for an internship program is not always that easy. You have to systematically work for that. There are three phases for applying for each internship program. 

Find a good internship opportunity.

Step 1. In this phase, you have to search for an internship at Google opportunity. For that, some are truly excellent sites like

So look at these sites and search for appropriate internship opportunities. For finding an internship option near your location, turn the GPS on so, that all those local internship opportunities get visible to you.

Step 2. There are other ways through which you can find internship opportunities, that is, by regularly attending college career fairs. Some of the really good options only come to your college placement cell regularly update yourself with the cell to apply for the internship position. and every time an offer comes in your college placement cell then ask the following questions to the recruiter-

  • Ask for the type of work the interns have to perform daily.
  • Enquire about the duration of yeh internship course.
  • Ask whether you will be given any stipend for the intern program.

Step 3. Take the advice of the teachers or mentors.

Before confirming an internship program, you must consult with your teachers regarding the matter. It is so because your teachers know the best about your capabilities and can honestly guide you on the path of progress.

And once you choose an internship program, you have to look for applying to the internship program.

Apply for the Internship

This part of your internship acing journey is the most crucial because of the technical part associated with it. Steps involved in the process are.

Step 1. Build a good resume.

Make a professional resume for applying to an internship program. Other than including the experience part, in your resume include the following details-

  • You can add your certificates for volunteer work and extracurricular activities.
  • Add some earlier descriptions of jobs (if you have worked earlier) rather than only including the company name and position in which you have worked.
  • Make bullet-point information rather than making paragraphs. You can consult professional help like for future assistance.

Step 2. Make your portfolio.

There are certain internship job types where you have to show some portfolio for qualifying as an intern. For example, like digital marketing jobs or content Writing work. So, compile your best works and present them in front of the recruiter.

Step 3. Draft an internship cover letter.

With an internship cover letter, the employer will learn more about you and your skills so, try to write efficiently about the cover letter. Some of the tips for an internship cover letter are-

  • Sony unnecessarily repeats the content of your resume in teh cover letter. Try to convince the recruiter about the skills so greater job opportunities in the future.
  • write the cover letter based on the job you are applying for.
  • Address the letter to a specific person.

You can find some internship cover letter examples in the later section of this article.

Phase 3. Have a great interview session.

The interview session for your internship opportunity is like an examination for you so you have to ace it well.

  • For that, have a good dressing sense, and try to wear well iron and suited dress for yourself. Then
  • Then walk in confidence to the room.
  • In your mind work with some of the usual questions the recruiter can ask you. And try to seek answers to those questions.
  • Convince them in verbal terms about how you a good fit for the job.

Bonus tip 2.0: After the interview session is over, you can send a follow-up acknowledgment mail to the recruiter by stating thanks for the session sir/ madam. Today I learned many things.

Therefore, prepare well for your internship program and take one step ahead of others in the career path.

Internship cover letter sample 1

 Date. (MM/DD/YYYY) format.
 Address ( company)
                Dear…….(recruiter name),
    Recently I came across the advertisement for the internship program on the… And I'm interested in the summer program of sales marketing. 
 I've qualified in bachelors of business management (passed in the year 2020) and have earlier also worked in ABC company.
 Thanks for coming to the crowd with my letter. And I'd like to request you for one opportunity to prove myself for the internship program of your company. 
 (Your signature)

Internship Cover Letter Example 2

 Company name                                                        phone number
 Date.                                                               Email id.
 Subject. Applying for….internship post.
 I'm interested in the post of…….. And I got to know about the internship position from…..newspaper.
 I'm qualified with earlier volunteering services as well as two years working under the company……
 Kindly consider me for the position. Thanks for your patience.
 Your signature. 

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