5+ Examples of Acknowledgement for Internship Report

In this blog post, I am going to share with you, some of the samples of Acknowledgement for an Internship Report.

After the completion of an internship in any company, you will have to create a report with what you did in the internship period and what you learned during your internship.

And one of the important parts of your internship report is an acknowledgement section. In that section you mention your supervisors and team members of the company and thank them for their support and help while working in that company as an intern.

Here are some of the examples of the acknowledgement section that were written for an Internship Report.

You can get some idea on how to write your own acknowledgement from the samples.

Let’s get right into the samples.

Internship Report Acknowledgement ( for tech companies )- Sample 1

First I would like to thank Mr.Srinivas, HR, Head, of NANOMINDZ,Vishakapatanam for giving me the opportunity to do an internship within the organization.

I also would like all the people that worked along with me NANOMINDZ, Vishakapatanam with their patience and openness they created an enjoyable working environment.

It is indeed with a great sense of pleasure and immense sense of gratitude that I acknowledge the help of these individuals.
I am highly indebted to Director Prof.V.V. NageswaraRao and Principal Dr. K. B. MadhuSahu, for the facilities provided to accomplish this internship.

I would like to thank my Head of the Department Dr. G.S.N.Murthy for his constructive criticism throughout my internship.

I would like to thank Dr. B. Rajesh, College internship coordinator Sri.L.V Satyanarayana internship coordinator Department of CSE for their support and advices to get and complete internship in above said organization.

I am extremely great full to my department staff members and friends who helped me in successful completion of this internship.

 This acknowledgement was written by K.SIREESHA for internship in Nano Mindz Technologies.

You can find the complete internship report here: Internship Report.

Internship Report Acknowledgement ( for BBA ) – Example 2

With great pleasure, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to my parents for their sincere support they have given me. 

I would like to also thank the family of Mr. and Mrs. David Baluku for the care and support they gave me all thought my internship.

I again thank my fellow trainees, the likes of Elsam (Uncle), Mary, Joselyn and Sharon for their good corporation during the training.

I also would like to thank my supervisors both the university and field supervisors plus the UWEC staff for the good corporation they had with me during the training period.

The report was written by Darious Mugabe for completion of Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

You can find the complete internship report here: Internship Report 2

Internship Report Acknowledgement for Civil Engineering – Sample 3

First of all, I would like to thank my God, helping me starting from the beginning to the end of my internship period.

I have extend my supreme gratitude to Arba Minch University institute of technology for providing such kind of opportunity for students to broaden their perception on how the real world in the field of civil engineering looks like as well organizing the whole internship program and its effort to make sure that the whole internship program to achieve its desired goals.

I would also like to express my special thanks to Berhanu Alemayehu, general manager of the site, giving me a chance to spend my practice in his company and helping me in my day to day activities during the intern time.

I extend my grateful thanks to workers in the site those help me in moral and material needs as well as sharing me their knowledge to improve my theoretical knowledge to the real works.

Finally, I would like to express my special thanks to my families and friends helping me in all aspects and appreciate me to spend my all time in the work place during my internship time.

This was written by tekalign behailu from Arba Minch University for his project.

You can check out the full report here: Full Internship Report

Internship Report Acknowledgement for Mechanical Engineering – Sample 4

I wish to express my appreciation to Dr. Dan Turner,Dr. Sriram Somasundaram, Dr. Jerald Caton, and Dr. David VanFleet for the knowledge imparted during my academic tenure at Texas A&M.

A special thanks goes to Dr. Dan Turner for making sure that I had employment during my graduate studies and for his advice and encouragement.

I am grateful to LAN's Mr. Randy Lowrance and Mr. Stephen Lavoot for the internship opportunity. I also want to say thanks to Mr. Kim Shinn who has provided encouragement and the type of assignments which make for a successful internship. His management style should be followed by all engineering managers.

I also want to express my gratitude to Mrs. J. J. Pappas for her many hours of typing.

Most importantly, I wish to thank my wife for her encouragement and support and the sacrifices she made so that I could pursue this degree.

This internship report was written by Jeffery Noel Bolander, for the completion of mechanical engineering.

You can find the full report here. Full internship report.

Internship Report Acknowledgement (Human Resource) – Sample 5

This dissertation would not have been possible without the guidance and the help of several individuals who in one way or another contributed and extended their valuable assistance in the preparation and completion of this study.
I would like to express my gratitude to Ace Institute of Management and Pokhara University for including internship program as a three credit course which has provided an opportunity to gain practical working experience in the organization.
My sincere gratitude to Mr. Jayesh Rimal, Human Resource Development & Training Manager for giving me a chance to do my internship in the HR Department of this organization, Radisson Hotel.
I am thankful to Mrs. Sumitra Shrestha – Senior Assistant, Mrs. Rashmi Shrestha – Senior Supervisor and Mr. Abhijeet Giri – Training Executive from HRD for devoting time from their busy schedule and explaining how work is being done in HRD and assigning me with various tasks during these 8 weeks of internship period.
I would also like to extend special thanks to the entire staff for their full co-operation, guidance and support during my internship.
Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Dhiroj Shrestha, Mr. Sunil Ojha and Mr. Bibek Risal, Program Coordinator of Ace Institute of Management for their valuable Instructions and Guidance during the Internship program

This internship report was written by Jackson Subedi, for internship in Human Resource Department.

You can find the full report here. Full internship report.


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