How to Write a Resignation Letter? (With Template and Examples)

resignation letter

Writing a resignation letter requires proper format just like any other kind of professional letter.

It shows your proficiency and skills to maintain politeness even while seeking resignation from the current official authority.

Learn the resignation letter format and examples from this article.

What is a resignation letter?

Every time you think of leaving your current job and looking for another one you have to know how to write a resignation letter.

A resignation letter is generally written by the employee to the employer of an organization with a wish to quit the job.

The main aim of the letter is to notify the head authorities about your planned last working day in the organization and at the same time maintaining a proper relationship with the employer of the company.

Things to Keep in Mind while Writing a Resignation Letter

As said earlier it’s one of the ways of showing your proficiency in writing a letter, therefore, you should know how to write it properly. Here is some of the basic advice you should know before you begin writing a resignation letter. Those are-

Know to write it concisely.

There’s no reason to roam around the main point and waste both your and readers’ time. So, learn to write plainly and maintain the conciseness of your letter.

In the first paragraph of the resignation letter format itself, you should mention your desire to take your resignation. You should not keep it for the last part of your letter as you may not have the patience to read it for a long time.

Maintain your professionalism.

A resignation letter fulfills the stand of professionalism only when it does not criticize or have harsh words for the organization you are leaving irrespective of your personal experience.

For example, even if there are any shortcomings of the company you are working in, don’t insult the boss under whom you have worked for so many years. That’s what is meant by maintaining professionalism.

Give a notice for your last day prior at least before a week or two.

In case you are writing a resignation letter for sudden unavoidable circumstances then maybe your intention of quitting the job is not known to the employer.

So, in your letter, notify the authority of the date of your resignation at least one or two weeks earlier, so that they can hire someone else for your vacant position.

If you have any replacement option then suggest the authority.

Sometimes referring someone who can fulfill your absence can help the authority to hire someone on such short notice. You can also inform them that you will fulfill your unfinished task (if you have left any) before quitting the job.

Remember even while referring to someone you should maintain politeness and can only suggest someone as your replacement. . For example, use the term you may consider rather than hire him in my position.

Proofreading is important for every resignation letter.

A vital document like a resignation letter needs at least twice proofreading before sending the letter. Check that all information that you have input in the letter is accurate without any form of speaking errors or grammatical mistakes.

Ask for expert advice or legal services.

If you find yourself too confused about writing a resignation letter then you can also consult different available legal services or expert help who can help you in figuring out the resignation letter format.

You can also visit for further assistance.

Don’t unnecessarily sugar coat your writing.

Never confuse yourself between writing politely and writing in a cheesy way. By that, we once mean that don’t exaggerate about the job role in your career experience. Stick to the point is what is needed for your resignation letter.

Steps to Write a Resignation Letter.

For helping you with how to write a resignation letter here’s a step-wise guide to writing a resignation letter. It’s not rocket science in writing a resignation letter.

Step 1. Have a look at an earlier written resignation letter.

For assistance, you can always look at earlier written resignation letters. Or in some cases, you can simply copy an already written resignation letter where you can modify the document at your convenience. There are some best templates available in this website.

Step 2. Edit with your personal details.

 Edit with adding all your details as well as for future reference you can add your contact details. Like at the top of your letter write the phone number and the email id of your letter. Then modify it with the reason for your leave.

Step 3. Change the paragraphs in the resignation letter.

Since a resignation letter is subjective then you have to have to rewrite the letter according to the reason for your resignation. Change the date as well the situation of the description in the letter.

Step 4. Check if there is an error in the letter.

Cross-check about whether any error is there in the letter. For that matter, there are some good proofreading tools like Grammarly, Hemingway, etc which will guide you in writing a good letter. Once done, re-read the letter and avoid all kinds of inconveniences that can be caused for the reader of the letter.

Step 5. Thank the employer.

As a mark of a good gesture, you can thank the employer for helping you in making your career by providing such good quality training. For example, write-

Thanks, sir/ madam for guiding me throughout my association with the organization.

Step 6. Send via email or in hard copy.

Once done you can send the email to the employer via email or in hard copy whichever way the company prefers. Don’t use an informal way like by sending in Whatsapp or any kind of social media platform.

Resignation letter sample templates.

Below are two templates that you can try for writing the resignation letter.

Resignation Letter Template 1

 Your Name.
 Your residence address.
 The state or city you are living in. 
 Your contact no. 
 Email address. 
 Date of sending. (DD/mm/yyyy)
 Respected sir/ ma'am.
 Introduction para on seeking a resignation. Here, please notify the date and the reading of your seeking resignation. 
 The main body will explain the letter. 
 End the letter by thanking the authority for supporting you throughout the job experience. 
 Thank you.
 Yours faithfully, 
 Your name.
 Signature and designation. 

Resignation Letter Example

 DEF street colony.
 Pin code- xxxxxx
 Date of submission.
 Contact details of the company.
 Respected sir/ madam, 
 With due respect, this letter is written to request formally my resignation by September 11, 2021, which is three weeks from now on. 
 Departing my association from this company is not an easy decision for me. But I had to make it due to some medical emergencies. 
 I would like to end my letter by thanking you as well as my seniors throughout my job experience. 
 Thank you. 
 Yours faithfully, 
 (Signature ). 

Please check our site for more samples and examples.


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