How and What to Write in a Thesis Statement? | Approaches and Examples of Thesis Statements

What is a Thesis Statement?

Writing a thesis takes a significant amount of time. There are several parts included in the thesis. One of the parts of thesis writing is the thesis statement. In a nutshell, the thesis statement is a condensed version of an essay. It is brief and doesn’t contain more than three to four lines. The purpose of the thesis statement is to provide a better understanding of the thesis to the readers. It acts as a guide to the readers. Below you will find the tips and writing guidelines for a thesis statement in research work.

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Types of Thesis Statement

Generally, you can develop your thesis statement based on three types of essays. Know all the three essay types so that next time you can include your thesis statement on them.

Expository Thesis Statement

An Expository Thesis Statement is written for the thesis that addresses all types of topics in general. The nature of this type of essay is to describe the chosen topic in depth.

The thesis statements for an expository essay are written in such a way that it starts by raising a question. And in the following lines of the statement, it tries to answer with proper reasons the raised question. Scholars used to call the thesis statement of an expository essay in another name referred to as because statement.

For example-

Marriage is another way of promoting patriarchy because of its year’s old practice of rituals like dowry and intimidation of the bride.

Analytical Thesis Statement

An Analytical Thesis statement is written in a paper where the writer analyzes a topic and breaks the topic into various parts and evaluates the idea. In this type of thesis, you can also bring in another author’s justification by using proper citation.

The thesis statement for an analytical essay usually responds to the question of why and how.

For example,

How is marriage another institution to promote dowry? The essay will answer the question with several case analyses.

Argumentative Thesis Statement

The Argumentative Thesis Statement is written in a paper that claims something about a topic and brings arguments to support the claim. It can also be said as a biased form of essay write-up. Here, the writers use to justify his stand by bringing in several arguments. You can also evaluate your stand by presenting several data.

Here, in the essay, the writer uses term position or thesis statement to brief the essay. For this type of statement, you can begin by providing your opinion and for that what details you have brought to defend it.

How to write thesis statement?

1.   Start the statement by raising a simple question.

Raising questions for some really broad topics guides the readers on which areas you will mainly focus on. It makes the tone of the write-up investigative and aims to answer a certain question. Starting with an interesting question will help you in attracting more readers towards you. And overall it also brings clarity to the write-up.

If your topic is broader like summers in tropical countries. Then obviously you can’t cover all aspects of such a topic. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to hint the readers in which areas you will mainly focus your study on. Therefore, a question like is there a massive scarcity of water in the summer season for tropical countries?  Helps in trimming the scope of your topic.

2.   Compose your essay’s main idea.

The next step after asking the question is briefing the answers for the question in the statement part. And answering the raised question needs a good amount of research due to which it can take more than two hours. Once you get the answer to the question then the answer becomes the main idea of the thesis. Based on the answer you can compose your thesis paper.

3.   Work for the supporting information.

After getting the main idea of your thesis statement, it’s time to collect data and other additional information to give the thesis write-up a proper shape. Those acquired data will work as proof of your main idea of the thesis. Generally, it’s good to collect supporting data beforehand developing the main idea of the thesis.

However, it’s not compulsory to collect those data which will only justify the main idea you can also collect some of the critical information for the main idea. It brings more openness to your thesis statement as well as the entire work.

4.   Combination of both main idea and supporting information.

After you raise the question, you have to compose two to three lines for the main idea which will get strengthened based on the supporting information. Therefore, efficiently combine both the main idea and the supporting statement in the thesis statement now.

For example, Marriage is one of the dominant institutions for patriarchy (the main idea). It is proved from the year’s old dowry system practiced in different parts of Asia, African, and other subcontinent countries. (Supporting information).

Advice to write an effective thesis statement.

A thesis statement is one of the components of your research work because it is present in the initial part of the work. There, it’s crucial for attracting readers to your work. Some of the important advice for writing an efficient thesis statement is-

  • Firstly, maintain clarity as well as keep it short. Do not write extra than five lines.
  • Place the thesis statement in the introduction paragraph of the essay or the dais itself.
  • It’s about your opinion and not only facts.
  • Raise a question that can interest readers. and as a response, answer the question in an equally eye-catchy way.

Thus, written in the last paragraph of the thesis introduction, a thesis statement is quite important in introducing the main concern of the thesis paper. It guides the readers on what point to focus on the lengthy thesis work.

Thesis Statement Examples

Below you will find some of the thesis statement examples from which you can take assistance.

  • Are students really into the current education system?  A study for the student behavior reveals that they are exhausted with the current examination pattern, already set up curricular and regular curricular activities.
  • Is China’s one-child policy a violation of human rights? While some find it’s necessary to manage the overflowing population but they are truly being criticized on international platforms.
  • Online classrooms can appear a hindrance to maintaining quality education but minds do broaden with virtual classrooms. A survey of about a hundred students revealed the truth.


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