Scaling UP your E-commerce Business with Fiverr

Have you started an E-commerce business or, thinking of starting an E-commerce business?

If that’s the case, then Fiverr is a perfect platform to start and scale up your online business. If you get it right, you can successfully create and grow a profitable online business.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can buy and sell different online services. Sellers can list their services/gigs on the platform. Interested buyers can purchase those services whenever required. 

Initially, the price of each gig/service was $5, but now the limit has been removed and the price can range up to $10000.


Fiverr has more than 5.5 million buyers and 800,000 freelancers working on the platform providing services like logo design, video creation, website development, writing, etc.

Why use Fiverr?

Hiring a full-time employee/staff for your business can be a very challenging task for you as you have to deal with advertising your job, receiving applicants, interviewing them, and after a selection process, hire them and provide them with a monthly salary.

Also, a single person cannot do the multiple tasks required to create and scale your e-commerce business. And hiring staff for different positions and paying all of them may not be possible for your growing business.

And here is where working with a freelancer in Fiverr comes in handy. 

Working with freelancers eliminates cost factors, and you can work with a lot of independent workers who specialize in what they do. 

There is no problem with workspace and training. And you will always have maximum flexibility of your timing. 

You can always hire just the right freelancer whenever needed.

E-Commerce and Fiverr

Fiverr can help you set-up and scale your e-commerce business from scratch. 

Everything you need for your business can be done with freelancers from Fiverr, starting with setting up your business to marketing and advertising.

As you can see, there are more than 1700 gigs providing services related to e-commerce development, providing services like full website creation, dropshipping, e-commerce store creation, bug fixes, etc.

You can choose any of the freelancers depending upon your budget and what you need overall.

Setting Up Your Ecommerce Store

If you are thinking of starting an e-commerce store but are confused about what you should do and how to start, Fiverr can be a perfect place to begin your e-commerce journey.

Fiverr freelancers can help you set up your e-commerce business in the following ways.

1) Market Research/Business Consulting

Starting your business in a random niche without any research of the market is a bad idea. 

Even if you have an idea, you should know whether your idea is valid in the current scenario and will have potential in the future. 

Professional freelancers can help you with researching and validating your idea.

Experts can help you with product research, create a business plan, and research e-commerce market trends.

2) Branding and Logo Design

For an online business, your business needs to stand out from your competitors and should have an easy to remember name and logo. 

Besides branding and logo designing, Fiverr has many creative designers who can help your business stand out from your competitors. 

They can also help you choose colors and typeface that match customers in your niche, improve conversion, and increase your profit.

You can find more than 10,000 creative designers offering you services related to branding and logo designing. Just look through all their designs and choose whose style best fits your business.

3) Creating a Website

The first thing you will need to start your e-commerce business is to have a website to list your products or services.

Creating a website can be a difficult task if you do not have technical knowledge about website development. And for that, you can hire a web developer to create a beautiful website for your business. 

Creating a WordPress website or a custom made website with custom functionalities everything is possible with Fiverr. 

You can find many expert developers who can help you design an attractive website for your business and optimize it.

4) Product Research/Design

Starting an e-commerce business without a product or service in mind is not possible. If you don’t know what product you should choose for your business, you need not worry. 

There are experts in this field as well. They can research what products in your niche are trending and can suggest the best selling products. 

If you have your product, freelancers can also help you design product cases, packaging boxes, and labels.

5) Ecommerce Integration

You also need to integrate e-commerce into your website to sell your products and services to your customers. 

Without integrating your site to an e-commerce platform selling products on your website can be challenging. 

Fiverr Freelancers can also help you integrate Shopify or woo-commerce into your website easily.

6) Product Photos/Description

Product photos and descriptions are some of the main parts of an e-commerce website. Without a beautiful product image and a product description with all the relevant details, the customer will never buy anything from your store.

Freelance photographers and writers can capture some appealing product images and write an engaging product description improving your conversion.

Visit and hire some professional photographers and writers.

7) Product Upload

You can hire a virtual assistant or data entry clerk to upload all your products to your e-commerce store. 

Not only product upload, but you can use virtual assistants for updating your store products, updating prices, handle shipping, and process the orders from your store.

8) E-commerce Inventory Management

When you have hundreds of products in your e-commerce store, managing your store can be a very time-consuming task. 

Having many products means that you can target a lot of customers. 

However, managing and updating each product of the store frequently becomes difficult. You can use freelancers to manage your store’s inventory and do these tasks.

Scaling UP your Ecommerce Business

Once you have set up an e-commerce store and have some traffic and sales going on, you should focus on scaling up your business. 

Even if you have created and set up your business yourself and done everything on your own, scaling it is impossible without having other work for you. 

Scaling up your business involves investing in automation and outsource most of your work so that you can focus on the quality of your product and provide value to the visitors. 

Marketing should also be one of the main things you should focus on while thinking about scaling your business. 

Fiverr can help you with all the aspects of scaling your business, including the following tasks.

1) Website Optimization

Website optimization helps to improve the performance of your website. We optimize the website to meet the objective of generating more leads or sales for the business. 

Website optimization also includes optimizing your site for a search engine(SEO) so that your business or website gets some organic traffic.

Having a website becomes useless if nobody visits it, and there is no traffic. Even if there are visitors to your website, if they don’t convert into potential buyers, it is of no use. 

So, you should have a good looking and mobile-optimized website to improve your conversion. Also, you have to focus on improving your website’s page loading speed. It will give a better user experience to your visitors.

If you know nothing about these optimization techniques, you need not worry as there are experts who excel in page speed optimization and on-page off-page optimization.

2) Social Media Marketing

Niche Traffic is what converts in an e-commerce business. For high-quality traffic, you can target your audience on social media where your potential customers hang around.

Want a Facebook Marketing Specialist or Google Ads Manager? Want someone who can run an e-commerce ad?

You can find several freelancers who have expertise in social media marketing and advertising.

3) Sales Funnel

If you have never heard of a sales funnel, it is a system that models the journey of a potential customer from knowing the brand to purchase the product. 

There can be several steps in a sales funnel. It involves creating an ad, a landing page, Email capturing, Retargeting, etc. 

Even though it is a long process, sales funnels convert well. You are targeting and retargeting the same potential customer and are approach them with your product or service. So, the conversion rate is higher with these sales funnel.

There are a lot of sales funnel generation tools like Clickfunnel, BuilderAll, Unbounce, GrooveFunnels. And Fiverr has an expert on all of these tools.

4) Content Marketing

Writing a piece of content that is related to the field of your e-commerce business can bring a lot of potential customers. 

Writing engaging and winning content is not easy. You should know how to keep your visitors engaged in your writing to make the readers convert to buyers.

You can choose from thousands of freelance content writers in Fiverr to create content that engages the visitors.

5)Influencer Marketing

Influencers can help you get your targeted customers directly. If you are focusing on products related to health, games, or any other niche, there are many influencers who are already creating content related to your industry. 

You can contact them and tell them to promote your product with their audience. 

There are Instagram influencers, Facebook pages, or many blogs where your target audience hangs out. 

All you need to do is contact them and present your product to them. If they like and feel that your product is valuable to their audience, they will promote it.

You can find freelancers who can help you search for influencers from your niche and also create a marketing strategy. 

Also, there are influencers registered in Fiverr who have listed their gig. You can buy their gig to promote your product or services.

5) Email Marketing

Email marketing is a strategy where you send emails and develop a relationship with your customers. 
It is one of the most effective marketing methods to promote your brand and products. 

According to Optinmonster, Running a successful email marketing campaign requires building a targeted email list, knowing your audience, and plan all your emails and followups. 

Email marketing tools like GetResponse, Active Campaign, and Mail Chimp provide a platform to manage all your email marketing campaigns. Even if you know nothing about these tools, there are experts in Fiverr interested in helping you with email marketing for your business.

6) Copywriting

‘ Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials that motivate people to take some form of action, such as make a purchase, click on a link, donate to a cause, or schedule a consultation. ‘

Having a professional copywriter write your marketing materials and emails will increase sales and then your profit. 

Copywriters can create writing focusing on the reader’s intent so their writing is prompt to sell. 

For scaling up your e-commerce business, a copywriter is one of the key professionals to hire.

7) Video Marketing/Video Ads

Advertisement is one of the best methods to expand your reach and inform your customers about your product. 

You can create engaging graphics for your ad or a video explaining your product or business. 

Creating an effective video ad that converts well is tough, but experts can help you create a converting video ad for your products. 

Just search for ‘video ads’ in Fiverr, and you can get many experts ready to help you. You can get your ads designed for Facebook, Instagram, or youtube, all in Fiverr.

8) Google Ads and Social media ads

After creating an ad, publishing your ad in front of your target audience is the key if you want conversions and sales. If you do not understand your audience and whom you should target, you can lose a lot of money on ads.

So, you should hire an expert who can create an ad campaign targeting your audience for high conversion. You can run your ads on google, youtube, or any social media platform where your target audience is present.

9) Customer Support

Once you start getting a lot of traffic and sales to your website and business, customer support is needed. 

If your buyer gets into any trouble, you should be there for help. It makes your relationship better. And the customer is more likely to stick with your service for a longer time.

You can hire a freelance customer support provider as well.

Choosing a Right Freelancer in Fiverr

There are thousands of freelancers offering services in different niches. Selecting the right freelancer for any of your tasks is very important to get what you expect from them.

Consider the following things before choosing any freelancer.

1) Pricing

You should have a clear budget for the project. You can find a lot of sellers on Fiverr offering their services for just $5. But going for a low price is not always the right choice to make. You should know that you will get the value for what you have paid.

If you are going for a website development project and select a freelancer offering $5 for this, you will be in trouble later.

So you should budget the project according to what you expect from the seller.

2) Seller Profile and Review

You should at least once visit the seller’s profile so that you can check their expertise and reviews. 

Reviews can help you know how that seller works and the experience of previous buyers with him. If they have good reviews, you can be sure that they can complete what they are offering in their gig.

3) Gig Offering/Description

You should be clear about what they are offering and what you need. If both matches, then only you should start working with the freelancer. 

In any doubts, you should message him and be clear with what he offers and order after you are clear. It will save your time as the chance of cancellation becomes minimum.


If you get the right freelancer, Fiverr can help you lessen the burden of work you have to do to start and scale up your e-commerce business. Fiverr connects you with freelancers who have expertise in what they do.

As hiring becomes so easy, you can work with many experts at once. It increases the productivity and profitability of your business.

So if you are thinking about scaling up your business, you should definitely create an account in Fiverr and start working with freelancers in Fiverr.

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