Writing a Job Application Letter to get your Dream Job in 2021 – Guidelines, Steps, and Examples

A job application letter is also called a cover letter that you sent by attaching it with the resume.

It is with the application letter, that your resume gets more weightage as compared to others.

The resume is given to inform the authorities about your eligibility but the job letter is more about your personality and your interest in the specific job field. You would know about a job letter in detail with this article.

In this blog post, we will be discussing how you can write a perfect job application letter to land your dream job. So, lets get started.

Job application letter definition and scopes.

Every time you apply for a position, you would be judged not only with your eligibility criteria but something more than that. The cover letter allows you to impress the hiring authorities with your statement about your interest in the specified job type. It introduces you as an individual to the hiring authorities. Your achievement and skills will be the perks for your job application letter.

The scope for the cover letter is much broader than anyone can ever assume. With an impressive job cover letter, you can impress the employer and enhance the possibility of hiring. Unlike in the resume, in the cover letter, you can explain how your interest in the job type merges with the company’s aims.

Advice for writing a job application.

Based on the letter the company will think of hiring you. So, compose the letter in an optimistic tone. When you think of how to write job application letter! Then you should fit all this advice in the letter.

1.   Highlight the skills and abilities of yours.

Your application letter is your smart strategy to make you look fit for the job post. You can write the letter in such a manner, so that your experience and beneficial skills for the organization get highlighted. You can include the year and another sort of data to strengthen such claims.

2.   Keep it brief.

Though the letter must be needing a lot of your personal career-related information but still keep its impact. Remember, that nobody would be interested in investing a long time in the job letter. Your concise letter will be more appealing to the employer.

3.   Check the letter well.

You can’t afford a single typo for your job letter. Also, make it look positive in every sense. Check thrice before sending whether it has any spelling or grammatical mistakes or not. The proofreading of your letter brings finishing touch-ups for the letter.

4.   Justify your skills with the job listing keywords.

In every hiring organization, there must be some specific job listing keywords or requirements which the employer is looking forward to in the employees. So, go through them well and in the letter try to bring in justifications about how you are good for those requirements. It would make the reviewing person considerate of your job letter.

5.   Send a job letter for every job post you wish to apply for.

It’s wise to apply with a job application letter in multiple organizations of similar job posts. It increases the possibility of your hiring for a better post. However, don’t send in any organizations which have restricted you from sending a job letter in advance. You can email the organizations about job applications, as they can instantly reply to you based on that.

How to write job application letter?

For your job application letter, you should be careful with the language you use and other sorts of technicalities. For your guidance, here’s a step-wise directory to write a job application letter.

Step 1. Go through the company details and the position you are looking for.

Before applying for a specific job post you should first-hand have an idea about the institution you are applying for. For that simply go to the site on the company you are applying and there go to the home page and the about us section. You would have an idea about the Company. And after that, get aware of the most you are applying for. Try to know every detail and their requirements for the job post.

Step 2. Begin by stating your interest.

The first paragraph of the job letter should have included the title of the job post as well as from where you have got to know about the post. Then make the job application letter more appealing by describing your interest in the job role. Then you can include very concisely about the qualification related to the job post and if you have achieved anything related to the requirement. Now you can ask, isn’t it too quick to mention the qualification? The answer is no because based on the first paragraph of the job letter only, the employer would find interest in your letter.

Step 3. Structure your qualifications and years of experience.

Now, include your skills, qualifications, and experience in detail. Organize it so that it converges with the company’s conditions or expectations. Make it independent from the resume by adding your total years of experience.

Step 4. Thank the hiring manager.

Don’t forget to thank the hiring manager for spending some valuable time on your application letter. Your gratitude towards his patience can create a positive impression about you in the hiring manager’s mind. One gratitude-filled job application letter example is-

Thanks for taking some of your precious time to read my application letter. I am grateful for finding my letter worthy of reading among several other letters. With gratitude, thank you.

Step 5.  Ending the letter.

End your letter by stating regards and including the name in the final line. Include a signature above the typed name in case of a hard copy. Also, you can include the contact details beneath the final name if you are emailing.

Thus, your job application letter is the first impression you set for the hiring authority towards you. The better you write a letter, the more are the chances of quick approval for a respected job post.

Job application letter example templates.

Below you will find two job application letter example templates. Look at them and follow the technique wherever you find it appropriate.

Job Application Letter Template 1

 Your address.
 Email address.
 Date. (DD/MM/YYYY)
 Title and name of HR if you know priorly.
 Organization name.
 Organization address.
 Sir/Ma'am (salutation)
 Give a brief intro about the job post and from where you got to know. ( example-I am mailing you for the post of assistant consultant post and I got to know from a newspaper advertisement. I am passionate about this position and wish your consideration for the purpose). 
 Write about your experience, achievements, and years of work with qualifications. ( I've completed the first-class pass for my M.Com in business administration in the year 2018. And earlier worked as a senior consultant in ABC company. I also have a one-year internship certificate for the same position). 
 Express your gratitude. ( example-Thanks for taking some of your precious time to read my application letter. I am grateful for finding my letter worthy of reading among several other letters. With gratitude, thank you).
 Closing words. (Regards, Best)
 Signature of yours
 Your printed name
 Phone number

Job Application Letter Template 2

 Your name.
 Address of yours.
 Phone number.
 Email ID.
 Hiring company address.
 Salutation. (Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss)
 After hearing from one of my close friends, I want to apply for the post of…… I am deeply interested in the position and expect your coordination for the same. 
 I have completed my MBA degree from ABC University and have worked in the DEF company for two years from (2018-2020). Currently, I am working in a GHI company(2020- present) but am looking for better opportunities. I have also…… (institution )certified professional business degree which makes me fit for the job position. 
 Thanks for considering my job letter readable among many other applications. At the same time, I would be grateful if you consider me for the job position. Thanks in advance. 
 MNOP..( your name)

For examples of a job application letters or a cover letter, you can check other posts in our website.


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