How to Write a Dedication for Thesis or Dissertation

dedication for thesis

A dedication for thesis paper is usually the short section in the paper’s front part. In this part, people mention every name and relation which inspired them to complete the research paper. However, it’s not the same as a typical acknowledgement. You can dedicate your thesis paper to anyone you know both personally and professionally.

What exactly is a dedication in a thesis paper?

Through dedication in dissertation, the student honors the persons involved in the process of writing the thesis paper. It’s an act of gratitude to all those persons in your life who have a role in the writing journey. And a dedication for thesis paper is a personal note of thanks to your known ones and sometimes about mentioning how they played a role in the process. Dedication always comes in the front part of the writings. The title page comes after the dedication page.

Whom to dedicate?

Though there is no rule that the dedication in dissertation must be written by only honoring some specific persons. But generally, People dedicate their thesis paper to someone they know personally or professionally who has inspired them in the writing mission. Dedication example for some of those relations are :

It can be anyone from family members, colleagues; your readers; someone who encourages you daily, or for some reason, anyone you want to particularly mention.

 You should remember that as this section is about your unique note that is why you can keep the tone formal to informal here.

How to write a dedication in a dissertation?

The process of dedicating a research paper involved the following steps:

1.   To whom you want to focus.

Once you finish writing the thesis paper, think about who all have inspired you to complete the otherwise impossible job. And if the dedication for thesis paper includes a long list of people then try to narrow it down. Among all try to focus on only those who have most helped you in completing it. Besides that, never get confused among a lot of people because it’s okay if you leave out some as you can mention them in the acknowledgment part. Since it’s completely personal, you can write anything which will be sentimental to you or the person concerned.

2.   Write while remembering about the readers.

It can be your personal note but at the same time, it is something you are sharing with the readers. So, try to bring a general tone even if it’s a personal one. Remember that readers will probably read these parts because it comes in the front section. Therefore, try to write this in a way that inspires or influences them and set a dedication example of a thesis for them. Consider a concise written part of dedication that you think will impact the lives of the readers also. But of course, don’t forget to personalize the note to the person you are dedicating.

3.   Make it crisp.

A dedication is mainly written in only four to five lines by the students. Dedication in dissertation is always short and to the point. Never include a long list of names who assisted you with the write-up. It is so because you have the chance to mention their role in your thesis paper in the acknowledgment section.

4.   Take a look at other thesis dedications.

You can always pick a dedication example and take references for your one. Look at those dedications which are concise and yet hold in-depth meaning. However, never try to copy or rewrite others’ dedication in your thesis. Always remember that dedication must have your personal sentiment and must connect with the person concerned. And if you copy it from others then the essence simply evades.

5.   Write your thesis.

To write a dedication for thesis paper in an attractive style, you must always be free from concern about a particular format. You can try the formal to the informal pattern but you can also add some creativity. For example, you can start your dedication in desertion with some nice quotes or a heart-touching poem. Formally you can dedicate to your instructors or professor and informal dedication is done to friends, family, and known ones. At the end don’t forget to mention the reason for your dedication to your special ones.

Some examples to start your dedication:

This paper is dedicated to…….”

“My paper is a dedication to my…”

“I am thankful to…. for motivating me throughout my journey of this thesis paper. Thereby, I dedicate this to….”

Points to remember while dedicating a dissertation

It’s important to follow the following points while continuing to write a dedication:

  1. Always add the dedication after the endorsement page.
  2. Never count the dedication page in the total pages of the thesis paper. It is so because including them in the dissertation or thesis paper can cause trouble for you.
  3. Though there is no clear-cut formatting rule for dedication, taking the advice of the instructors will always work as an added advantage.
  4. Never exceed more than three fourth parts of a page for the dedication.
  5. You can include the name of all those who have contributed to your writing majorly by either motivating you or by providing monetary help.

And as a bonus point, never forget to personalize the dedication page in your style of writing.

Dedication and Acknowledgement:

Since you have written or about to write a thesis paper, it is important to enhance your knowledge beyond your research skill. Also, to write an appropriate dedication it is important to know how dedication differs from acknowledgment!

●    Dedication:

 On a dedication page, the writer used to honor a  particular group of people or an individual to motivate him for completing his thesis paper. Also, the addressed person is not always connected to the dissertation and is personal. In dedication, the academic-related information is minimal and negligible. Scholars in a thesis paper dedicate their research work to their core family members, a particular individual, friends, or someone who has a special role in his life.

●    Acknowledgments:

An acknowledgment is specifically different from a dedication. As in an acknowledgment, the researcher only recognizes those individuals who are related to the dissertation. Those people are also mentioned who had a role in the researcher’s academic career. Here a larger list of names is mentioned. That is particularly the role of the trainer, members of the committee, and other individuals related to academic institutions. If you are write an acknowledgement section you can check this post for samples.

Overall, the dedication in dissertation is the writer’s combination of skills and gratefulness behind the completion of the thesis paper or the dissertation.

Here are some examples to make your concept more clear.


A sample for the informal dedication

This work is completely dedicated to my respectful parents and beloved wife without whose constant support this thesis paper was not possible. They always inspire me. At the same time, my thanks also go to my caring siblings whose advice really worked for this thesis paper.

A sample from the formal dedication

This paper is dedicated to my institution mentors under whose constant guidance I have completed this dissertation. They not only enlightened me with academic knowledge but also gave me valuable advice whenever I needed it the most.

If you are looking for some more samples of dedication or acknowledgement for your inspiration you can check it here.

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