How to write an Introduction for Research Paper? – Complete Guide with Examples

introduction for research paper

An introduction section is the face of an academic thesis paper. A student begins her writing with the intro part itself. The quality of the thesis paper is much dependent upon how a scholar composes sentences for the introduction part.

By definition of the introduction paragraph, it is the very first portion of your dissertation where few yet well-composed sentences enhance readers’ interest in your paper.

There can be more than one paragraph for the introduction of your paper. Here, you can begin by explaining your chosen topic and end the section by informing the importance of the topic.

For you, introduction writing can get easier if you follow the entire article till the end.

Elements for your introduction.

The introduction for each thesis paper is quite subjective to the field of study. But for your future guidance, we have listed out some of the key elements you must include in your introduction paragraph.

● Some clip-hanging tones will pick up the reader’s mood.

● Brief mention of the background of the topic.

● Discuss in detail the main concerns of your research.

● Prepare the structure like an overview of the dissertation.

You have something more relevant to the topic, you can also add them to your write-ups. But don’t make your introduction too lengthy.

Step to write introduction for thesis.

Writing an introduction for the paper leaves the writer with a huge responsibility. It is so because his entire paper’s fate depends on the introduction part. In that situation, you can not even afford a single mistake in that portion of your paper.

1.   Begin with declaring the topic to the readers.

Everything you write within a thesis revolves around your main topic. So, don’t waste too much space before introducing the topic to the readers. Begin by explaining what you imply by your topic or what your topic means. You can link some of the important issues associated with your topic in this section. Before narrowing down to the main topic, initiate with some general information. The first paragraph is all about inserting your viewpoint about the topic in general.

2.   Prove the applicability of the topic.

Readers always look for rational viewpoints. At the same time, they prefer those topics which are relevant to the current scenario. Therefore your introduction writing must be such that it convinces the readers about its relevance for today. Collect logical justifications and at the same time make them concise. Remember you have to add more in your introduction!

3.   State the dissertation.

Now it seems that the time for concluding the research introduction has come. Summarise the research paper and directly go to the main part of the discussion. In the case of a complicated research topic, try to make your research summary comprehensive. Mainly you have to work on your introduction to set the tone for your paper. Try to put in readers’ minds the significance of the topic.

4.   Outline the conclusion.

The conclusion of the introduction research paper must be about the structural overview of the paper. But if the structure of the work is broad to include in the intro then focus on the main points. Don’t jot down in detail the structure of your paper. Otherwise, it will make the paper repetitive and boring for the readers. Like the starting para, your ending also determines the fate of your paper.

Points to remember while writing an introduction paragraph.

There are some techniques based on which you have to write your introduction para. First thing first, never attempt to write your introduction at the beginning of your dissertation. And keep it left for the end. It is so because once after completing the paper you can comprehend the paper in shorter form. And it is only then that you will become capable of deciding what things you have to include in your introduction.

Some of the important tips for writing an introduction are presented below:

1.   Stick to the theme of the paper.

Though as quoted earlier you have to write about something general in the intro first para. But don’t follow the same pattern for the entire introduction section. After a few generic lines, you should directly arrive at your main points. Narrowing down your intro will make it more thematic. The method of narrowing down from the generic topic is known as the inverted triangle.

2.   Stay authentic.

Introduction research papers must maintain the originality of the writers. For example, if you are writing about a philosophical past you can begin by quoting some famous characters of the field. And also, if you are working on a scientific paper, you can start with some astonishing facts. It will make your paper attractive yet authentic.

3.   Don’t ignore the key phrases.

While writing your paper you must have faced some key terms in your paper. You must ignore those terms. Your thesis paper becomes more acceptable when you define those terms for a better understanding of the readers. Kindly note that no matter whether it’s a separate word or terms together, you must introduce them. It will give you an added advantage over other researchers.

4.   Hold it short.

Try to keep your introduction paragraph concise and to the point. Add some catchy terms and phrases to make it reading worth the time. But at the same time, you can’t miss the main points. The readers define the main features of the paper.

Try to follow all these tricks to have a quality thesis paper.

Therefore, all components of your research paper are equally important. If you can’t pay proper attention to your intro writing then you may not attract readers to your paper. Always write your introduction at the end to compose it fully. And last but not least, use simple words for writing the introduction.

Introduction examples.

Below are two introductory examples illustrated for a better understanding of the above tricks.

  1. Topic- The relation of Lockdown and Obesity.

Staying at home for a longer time is not healthy as said by physicians. The pandemic and lockdown associated with it are welcoming some of the unavoidable health issues like obesity. With not much work to do at home, people find it suitable to consume junk and relax in bed. There are bare minimum physical activities an individual performs in his home as reported by dieticians. This study will logically explain how obesity is damaging our hearts, liver, and even kidneys.

Then the paper will further proceed with some of the home remedies you can follow to avoid obesity. Overall the paper will highlight some of the best possible ways to stay fit even while staying indoors.

Introduction examples with quotations.

  1. Topic- Mothers and education of the World.

The tigress must be trained well so that her cub can rule the jungle”

“Educating mothers will educate the world”.

Women from ancient times are neglected in matters of academics. Having basic education as a right is too much to expect at those times. Mainly in every society, once women become a mother they lose all their right to become educated. The situation has not changed much even at present time. In an average household, mothers are rarely highly educated.

The desire to get educated along with their children is no less than an offense in the present day. This paper is highly relevant for the current world because it will raise the important concern of a mother’s education. At last, the thesis work will end with some amazing stories where the child got successful because his mother fought for her rights to education.


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