How to Write a Leave Application? Format for School and Offices

Leave application is a common way of asking or taking leave from the institution’s authority. Writing a leave application is a common way of asking for leave in school and offices.
You have to ask for leave at some point in your life from the company you are working in. Therefore, it is important to know how to write a leave application in the proper format. In every leave application, you have to mention the reason for your leave. Based on that, the authority of the institution will grant you leave. In this article, you will find out how to write a leave application!

leave application

Purposes of writing a leave application.

Some of the common reasons based on which you can ask for leave from the educational institution as well as the organization you are working in are:

  1. Asking for leave due to attending a wedding event.
  2. Visiting somewhere.
  3. Medical reasons
  4. Family emergency.
  5. Half-day or one day leave.

These are the common reasons for asking about leaving. However, you can also mention other reasons. But do remember that the purpose of the leave has to be reasonable in respect to the duration of your leave period.

Tips while writing a leave application.

It is important to know about writing a professional leave application for better efficiency of your writing pattern. Some of the common tips for writing leave application are-

  • Your leave application must be written politely. Remember, you are requesting for granting the leave so, maintain a polite tone.
  • The purpose must be clear as well as reasonable for granting leave. At the same time, precisely maintain the purpose of your letter.
  • Know the format well before writing the leave application.
  • Don’t make the application unnecessarily lengthy. It should not be more than half of the A4 size page.
  • Proofread before submitting the leave application.

Two types of leave applications.

You will find two types of leave applications based on the difference in format. And those are

I) Leave application in letter format.

A letter format leaves application is the most commonly accepted form application. This type of application is generally submitted in elementary educational schools and some offices. But keeping in mind the digitalization age, their importance is minimized.

II) Application in email format.

In recent times the use of email from leave applications is quite common. These are generally widespread in MNC companies, higher educational universities, and other types of companies.

The format for email applications is slightly different from handwritten letters.

Know below, the format of both types of leave applications.

Points to include in-office letter format leave application.

Some of the sections you must include in this format of leave application are mentioned below. However, there can be some more points you need to add based on the organization you are working under. In general, the points are –

1.   The Address and name of the receiver.

in this section, you have to add the name and address of the receiver to whom you are writing the application. In this case, you have to mention the name of the company followed by the address of your company. Mention it on the left-hand side of the application.

2.   Subject for the leave application.

In this line, you have to briefly mention the type of letter you are sending along with the briefed purpose. Here you have to mention the leave application in the subject line along with the purpose in two to four words. For example- Leave application for a medical emergency.

3.   Salutation.

In this phase, you have to express your respect to the recipient. So, mention sir/ma’am. And if you already know about the receiver’s name then you can mention the first title here.

4.   Body of the application.

Divide the main body of the letter in the introduction, middle para, and the conclusion. Start the letter with a polite note and mention the purpose of your leave in the middle part. Then you have to write the leave period in the application. Once written, request for granting the leave. Then end the body section.

Remember not to unnecessarily extend the main body section.

5.   Thank the receiver.

Then acknowledge the receiver with a thank you note for reading the application. It’s part of the courtesy to write an official application.

6.   Closure.

Also, known as complementary closure, in this part you have to close the letter. And for that write yours sincerely, best, etc.

7.   Your identity.

Followed by the closure part on the left side below write your name and designation. After that, make your signature to the letter. Below that, finally, end the letter with the date of the application.

Points to include in-office email format leave application.

Similar or different from a typical letter application for seeking leave, here are the main points you should include in an email application.

1.   The subject of the email.

Brief the subject of your email with briefing the purpose of your email along with stating that it’s a leave application.

2.   To whom you are addressing.

Similar to the letter application, address the receiver by taking the receipt’s name or you can also address them with Sir/Ma’am/Mr./Mrs. etc. In case, you know the name then include the first name only.

3.   Body.

In the body part include the purpose of your leave along with the period for the leave. You can finish the part in four to five lines. In the end, the line requests the higher authority to grant in for your leave. Maintain a polite tone in the letter. In the end, part thank the receiver for reading the email.

4.   Closure.

End the email with your name and the job position you are working in. Write this part on the left side of the email.

What to include in a school leave application?

In a school leave application, the student generally addresses the letter to the principal of the school. Some of the points he should include are-

  • School address.
  • Date.
  • Subject.
  • Salutation.
  • Body.
  • Thanks.
  • And closure with his name.

A school student can ask for leave from the institution if he is sick, going out of the station, or any other kind of medical emergency.

Thus, writing a leave application is not new but the format for writing leave application gets updated from time to time. Not only does it enhance your efficiency for writing when you know how to write an application. And apart from that, the institution you are working in also gets impressed with your professionalism to write an application.

Leave application example.

Below you will find two examples of leave applications. One is for office email applications and the other one is for schools.

Leave application asking for sick leave in school.


The principal.

(Address of the school)

Date- 8 July 2021.

Subject-  Application for sick leave.


             With due respect, I ABC from class X B was not present for classes from 6 July 2021 to 7 July 2021.  I was not present due to viral fever.

I request you to kindly excuse my absence from those two days of classes.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,


Class X B.

Leave application from office for a family emergency.


Subject: Family emergency leaves the application.


The purpose of my email is to request two days’ leave for some genuine family emergency. I intend to take the leave from ——(starting date) to ——-(ending date).

In my absence, I have asked my assistance (name) to overtake my responsibilities.

Kindly approve my two days’ leave for the above-mentioned period.

Thank you.



(Job designation)


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