How to Write Foreword for Thesis or Dissertation (With Examples)

What is a Foreword?

The foreword for thesis paper is the section that works to introduce the writer of the paper to their readers. It is a piece of writing for the thesis work by someone who has achieved well in his life.

A foreword for a dissertation enhances the quality of your research paper. It is so because it serves as an endorsement for your long work. A reader never expects a lengthy foreword. And this piece of write-up goes at the front part of the thesis paper.

Who writes the foreword for a thesis paper?

A foreword in a thesis paper is written by someone who is an expert in the field of research work. However, that’s not the only option for you to have a foreword in your paper. If your colleagues or friends work in the same field, you can approach them to write a foreword for your thesis paper.

In case if you have some noteworthy message to deliver, then you can write your foreword. Otherwise, try to connect with the readers in the preface section only. Also, you can approach multiple experts for your foreword. This part is also composed by more than one writer.

How to write a foreword?

In case, someone has invited you to write a foreword section, then that’s an absolute honor for you. To understand how to write a foreword perfectly, you must know what are the steps that you should follow.

1.   State your relationship with the writer.

There must be some special relationship you have with the writer of the paper who has chosen you to write the foreword part. So, share a bit of such special relations with the readers. Here, you can praise the writer and convince the readers to read the paper.

2.   Introduce the readers to the writer’s previous achievement.

If the writer is new to the scholarly field then the readers will not know much about his accomplishments. Therefore, you should introduce the writer to the readers. You can list some of his past achievements like academics and professionalism to the readers.

3.   How has the scholar’s work impressed you?

You must have accomplished something in this field that’s why positive feedback from you will be credible for the readers. Always mention in the foreword what part of the research paper has affected you the most. And what is most impressive about the research paper? This kind of positive feedback will make the writer’s work unique from others in academics.

4.   Your viewpoint about the paper.

When you add your comments about the paper, it turns the work into a more engaging and conversational paper. Readers will start viewing the research paper with new perspectives and will broaden their minds if the situation expects. Your viewpoint will also help the writer to grow in the academic field.

5.   The importance of the research paper.

Since you are the foreword writer, that’s why you will be the first person who will read the paper. That’s why readers expect much from you. You are responsible to establish the proper reason, why readers should invest time in reading the paper. You must cite a rational reason for the readers so that they can become hopeful from the research work.

However, it’s okay to skip any of the steps in the foreword section. Firstly, because the foreword of a paper depends on the content. And secondly, because you have to make the foreword content concise to read. 

What should you include in the foreword?

If you are writing a foreword for someone else, there is a huge responsibility on your part. So, do mention all these necessary points in your foreword for the dissertation:

1.   Introduce the subject of the thesis work to the readers.

Though it is not your sole responsibility to introduce the subject matter of the work to the readers. Still, introducing them in advance to the readers will be a bonus point for the writer to attract others towards his long research work.

2.   Tell readers briefly about your experience in the academic field.

Frankly, many writers may not know about your past achievements and your academic experiences. So, answer them with your qualifications and why you are suitable to write the foreword of the scholar’s long work?

3.   Be honest.

You must be honest in confessing to the readers about the impact of the thesis in the field of work. Also, never try to promote the research work. Share your viewpoints about the research work. But at the same time, try to avoid writing something negative about the work. Then it will go against the author of the work. So, in case you don’t like the research work, try to contact the writer and recommend the changes he should follow in the work.

4.   Do your signature at the end of foreword.

For better formatting, you must sign at the end of the foreword content. Below your signature, it looks better to add your designation.

Overall, write the foreword in a similar tone to the tone of the dissertation.

Is it necessary always to have a foreword for the paper?

Now you must be curious to know every time a foreword for a book and research is necessary or not? Honestly, having a foreword for your paper is not mandatory, but it gives a quality impression about the research paper. As stated earlier, if your foreword is written by some experts in that field then it also acts as an authorization for you.  Having a foreword for higher degrees like that of a doctorate course adds a brand to the paper.

Foreword vs preface: What is the difference?

While writing your thesis report or doing any research work, you must know the difference between the preface and the foreword.  Both the parts are written in the front part of the research work. However, they are different in terms of their purpose.


A foreword of a book or thesis work is written by someone who is an expert in the research field. The writer of the research paper has no part in this section. There can be more than one who can contribute to the foreword work. Altogether, the foreword acts as an endorsement for the writer of the paper.


A preface is different from a foreword because this section is written by the writer of the thesis himself. The writer often expresses their thankfulness to all those who have contributed to his work in this section.

Thus, having a foreword section in the thesis work adds quality to the long thesis work. A precise foreword for a thesis paper interests the reader more than a long writeup. So, if you are a writer, start approaching experts in the field to help you with the foreword section. It acts as credibility for the readers to invest time in the dissertation.

Foreword Examples:

A foreword example is below to ease your foreword write-up.

 This masterpiece with heavy research work was done by my junior, Dr ( mention the name) with full dedication. Previously he has achieved enormous success in the teaching profession and is new in the world of research. The paper title “parenting and children” will open new opportunities and perspectives in the parents' minds. And they will surely start understanding their child in a new way. 
 In my entire teaching and counseling career, I have witnessed that the world is getting busy, and I find children are not having their parent company. I am hopeful that this work will surely impact readers' minds and they will make the world a better place. 
 Dr. M Hussain.
 (Principal and counselor of H.K school). 

Another foreword example was written by the writer’s colleague.

 Mr. ( name of the writer) and I (name of the guest foreword writer) have started working with the same aim of solving the mysteries of the evil called poverty. And after reading this work, I'm highly delighted to find some of the answers to my year-long query. 
 This working name (title of the thesis paper) will open the doors for new opportunities in the youth. 
 M.K Singh.
 (Designation required). 

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