7+ Examples of Well Written Dedication Section for Your Report

Most academic papers or book writings require a section in which you dedicate your writings to a specific individual. Whether you are writing a book, a thesis, dissertation, research paper or just a project report you may need to write a dedication section for that paper.

The dedication section is where the writer expresses gratitude or acknowledges others, normally those who have inspired or assisted them while writing their book, research paper, or their reports. It is usually found at the beginning of the book or their report.

Whereas the dedication page is usually very short, some writers also use acknowledgement section in their writing which allows the author to include some more people to thank. If you want to write an acknowledgment you can check this post. Acknowledgement Samples For Projects.

The most important thing to remember is that there is NO exact process for writing a perfect dedication. Dedication is one of the most personal parts of your writing, and you are free to write it however you like.

Whom to dedicate in the Dedication section?

You can choose whoever you want. A dedication section is generally short and focuses on a single person (or specific group of people). It is usually a personal matter to have a dedication section, rather than a professional one.

You can dedicate your book or writing to the following:

Your Family Members (spouse, children, siblings, parents)
Your Friends
People who have been influenced by or featured in the book
Individuals who have been inspirational or supportive in your life that you wish to highlight in some way.

How to start writing a dedication?

Here are few ways on how to address a dedication, as well as some sample dedications to help you.

“This is in memory of…”
“I’d like to dedicate my work to…”
“This book is dedicated to…”
“In dedication to my…”
“It is with genuine gratitude and warm regard that we dedicate this work…”
“I dedicate my work to….”

For a full detailed explaination on how to write a dedication you can check this article. How to Write a Book Dedication: Helpful Tips 

Here are some samples/templates for writing the dedication page for your dedication section. You can check the samples and write a similar dedication page for your book, thesis, dissertation, or any kind of research paper or project report.

Book Dedication Examples

Many people dedicate their book to a child or to a friend who has influenced their writing. There is no such thing as a specific format to write a dedication section. Keep it short and sweet dedicating to a specific person or a group of person. As it is a section to express your personal feelings and sentiments, there is no wrong answers or format. Because you are expressing yourself, you can decide however you want to write.

Here are some examples of some best written dedication section for a book.

Book Dedication 1

Book Title: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis

To Lucy Barfield

My Dear Lucy,

I wrote this story for you, but when I began it I had not realized that girls grow quicker than books. As a result you are already too old for fairy tales, and by the time it is printed and bound you will be older still. But some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. You can then take it down from some upper shelf, dust it, and tell me what you think of it. I shall probably be too deaf to hear, and too old to understand, a word you say, but I shall still be your affectionate Godfather,

C.S. Lewis

Book Dedication Example 2

Book Title: Franny & Zooey, by J.D. Salinger

“As nearly as possible in the spirit of Matthew Salinger, age one, urging a luncheon companion to accept a cool lima bean, I urge my editor, mentor and (heaven help him) closest friend, William Shawn, genius domus of The New Yorker, lover of the long shot, protector of the unprolific, defender of the hopelessly flamboyant, most unreasonably modest of born great artist-editors to accept this pretty skimpy-looking book.”

Book Dedication Sample 3

Book Title: Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman

You know how it is. You pick up a book, flip to the dedication, and find that, once again, the author has dedicated a book to someone else and not to you.
Not this time.
Because we haven’t yet met/have only a glancing acquaintance/are just crazy about each other/haven’t seen each other in much too long/are in some way related/will never meet, but will, I trust, despite that, always think fondly of each other!
This one’s for you.
With you know what, and you probably know why.

Book Dedication Sample 4

This book is dedicated to the family members who were angry that I dedicated the last book to someone who won the dedication in a Twitter contest.

Dedication Samples for Thesis/Dissertation

Most of the dedications in Thesis or Dissertation is dedicated to the family and friends. You can express your feelings on why you want to dedicate your writings to these people specifically in this section.

Here are some of the examples which you can use as a sample for writing your dedication for your thesis or dissertation.

Dedication for Thesis Example 1

I dedicate my dissertation work to my family and many friends. A special feeling of gratitude to my loving parents, William and Louise Johnson whose words of encouragement and push for tenacity ring in my ears. My sisters Katie, Linda and Rhonda have never left my side and are very special.
I also dedicate this dissertation to my many friends and church family who have supported me throughout the process. I will always appreciate all they have done, especially Suquesta Myers for helping me develop my technology skills, LaTanja Riley-Hedgepeth for the many hours of proofreading, and Ramona Taylor for helping me to master the leader dots.
I dedicate this work and give special thanks to my best friend Nelson L. Jennings and my wonderful daughter Cimone for being there for me throughout the entire doctorate program. Both of you have been my best cheerleaders.

Dedication Example for Thesis 2

I am dedicating this thesis to four beloved people who have meant and continue to mean so much to me. Although they are no longer of this world, their memories continue to regulate my life. First and foremost, to my paternal grandfather Amadou Seydou whose love for me knew no bounds and, who taught me the value of hard work. Thank you so much “kaaw”, I will never forget you.
Next, my maternal grandmother Diariyatou “Lary” Hamady who raised me, loved me, and taught me to speak Pulaar my mother tongue and who, unfortunately, I can never send on pilgrimage to Mecca as promised.
I also want to remember my “little” uncle Massamba Amadou whose life was cut short by a drunk driver at the tender age of 24. May you find peace and happiness in Paradise!
Last but not least I am dedicating this to my late baby brother Moustapha Seydou gone forever away from our loving eyes and who left a void never to be filled in our lives. Though your life was short, I will make sure your memory lives on as long as I shall live. I love you all and miss you all beyond words. May Allah (SWT) grant you Jannah Firdaws.

Dedication Sample for Dissertation/Thesis 3

This thesis work is dedicated to my husband, Bruce, who has been a constant source of support and encouragement during the challenges of graduate school and life. I am truly thankful for having you in my life. This work is also dedicated to my parents, William and Karen Ryan, who have always loved me unconditionally and whose good examples have taught me to work hard for the things that I aspire to achieve.

Dedication Sample for Dissertation/Thesis 4

This dissertation is dedicated to the memory of Jane Smith. Although she was my inspiration to pursue my doctoral degree, she was unable to see my graduation. This is for her.
Thank you to my academic adviser who guided me in this process and the committee who kept me on track.
I dedicate this dissertation to my ninth grade teacher who inspired my pursuit of economics.
For my father who helped me in all things great and small.
This dissertation is dedicated to my husband who encouraged me to pursue my dreams and finish my dissertation.

Dedication Sample for Dissertation/Thesis 5

I dedicate this project to God Almighty my creator, my strong pillar, my source of inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. He has been the source of my strength throughout this program and on His wings only have I soared. I also dedicate this work to my husband; Owen
Arasomwan who has encouraged me all the way and whose encouragement has made sure that I give it all it takes to finish that which I have started. To my children Charis (Maama), Joel (Human Adult) and Sophia (Babe) who have been affected in every way possible by this quest.
Thank you. My love for you all can never be quantified. God bless you.

Dedication Sample for Dissertation 6

This dissertation is dedicated to the friendship and memory of Jill Huntley. She was a fellow doctoral candidate at Columbia who encouraged me in this study and, over a number of years, she and her husband, Eugene McDowell, facilitated my research by sharing their Washington home with me when I needed a place to stay in the District. Jill's strength and faith during the last year of her life gave me a new appreciation for the meaning and importance of friendship. She lived her life well, acting upon her spiritual beliefs conscientiously by assisting both friends and strangers in need. She faced her too early death bravely. During her terminal illness she managed to complete her dissertation. Her example kept me working when I wanted to give up.

Dedication Samples for Research Paper

Here are some of the examples of dedication written for a research Paper.

Example of Dedication for Research Paper 1

This thesis is dedicated to:
The sake of Allah, my Creator and my Master,
My great teacher and messenger, Mohammed (May Allah bless and grant him), who taught us the purpose of life,
My homeland Palestine, the warmest womb;
The great martyrs and prisoners, the symbol of sacrifice;
The Islamic University; my second magnificent home;
My great parents, who never stop giving of themselves in countless ways,
My dearest wife, who leads me through the valley of darkness with light of hope and support,
My beloved brothers and sisters; particularly my dearest brother, Yousef, who stands by me when things look bleak,
My beloved kids: Dana, and Kareem, whom I can't force myself to stop loving. To all my family, the symbol of love and giving,
My friends who encourage and support me,
All the people in my life who touch my heart, I dedicate this research

Research Paper Dedication 2

This research paper is dedicated to my dear father, who has been nicely my supporter until my research was fully finished, and my beloved mother who, for months past, has encouraged me attentively with her fullest and truest attention to accomplish my work with truthful self-confidence.

Research Paper Dedication 3

This project is dedicated to all the members of group 5 class 21/2012 for their sacrifice and cooperation researching this paper. Our appreciation goes to MRS KANGETHE and MR KARIUKI for their guidance in preparation of the final document and to our colleagues in the SMC 21/2012 for their support.

Dedication for College Projects

Here are some examples of dedication for a college project:

College Project dedication Sample 1

This project is dedicated to our parents who have never failed to give us financial and moral support, for giving all our needs during the time we developed our system and for teaching us that even the largest task can be accomplished if it is done one step as a time.
We dedicate this Project to all the people who have worked hard to help us complete this project.

Dedication for College Projects Sample 2

This project is especially dedicated to the teachers who helped and guided us to successfully complete this project work.
Also I would like to dedicate this project to my dear father, who has been a wonderful supporter until my research was completed, and to my beloved mother, who has been encouraging me for months.

All these samples are from different sources from the internet and all of them are compiled in a single post so that it becomes easier for you to check all the samples at once and write a perfect dedication for your writings.



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