Approval Sheet for Thesis with 5 Examples

In this blog post, we will be talking about one of the important parts of a thesis. It is the approval sheet. Without having this section in your thesis report your thesis will not be accepted as there is no section for the committee.

Lets start with what the approval sheet is and the format and then some examples of the Approval Sheet.

Approval Sheet for Thesis

The hard work and tensions associated with heavy research work are undeniable. But more than that researchers usually have the tension of approval of their long work by appropriate authorities.

Once getting approved by authorities it enhances the quality and reputation of the thesis paper in the academic field. The approval sheet comes on the second page of the paper.

In simple terms, an approval sheet for a thesis paper means the forms that are submitted by the writer to the scholarly panel for getting approval of the work.

Relevance of Approval Sheet

For your thesis work, you need an approval sheet simply because your work needs certification and acceptance.

An approval sheet for dissertation needs to be certified by a well-known institution so that readers can trust your work.

Based on the acceptance and rejection of the senior panel the future of your paper is based. Other than that approval sheet is also important because it acts as a document for working in any future institution.

The signature of the expert panel on your approval sheet makes you a good fit for some research jobs. Your thesis becomes credible enough to work as a researcher or analyst once you have a signed approval sheet for the dissertation with you.

Who can design the approval sheet?

Generally, researchers prepare the approval sheet and present it in front of those whose approval is needed. If it’s an academic institution where strict guidelines are followed then the researcher has to design the approval sheet by the instructions of the institution.

Sometimes the authority also sends the well-formatted sheets to the researcher. They do so mainly when the latter has planned to get the approval for formality purposes.

That ready-made design of the approval sheet by the authority is provided in the case of educational schools and universities.

Is sending approval and getting the approval the same?

The scholars who are beginners should know that sending the approval sheet for acceptance does not guarantee approval. It’s only the first step of getting approval from the authorities.

The decision of authorizing the approval sheet for the thesis depends on the quality of your work as well as how you have designed the approval sheet.

Therefore, professionally designing the approval sheet is very important. Otherwise, the panel can have a bad impression about your work and will simply deny approval even before looking at your long research work.

Ways to Design a Sheet for Instant Approval Sheet

As you have known what an approval sheet is and why it’s important, now it’s time to design one for yourself. Below you will find the detailed procedure on how to make an approval sheet!

1.   Label the title as an approval sheet.

You must prepare your sheet in a way that by reading the title itself the panel can identify the purpose. At the topmost heading section mention it as an approval sheet in H1 format. But don’t only leave the field of study with the mere approval sheet as a heading. You have to put more into it.

That is, refer to the field of study on the side of the approval sheet as a headline.

For example – Approval Sheet: inclusive education focus group study method. It makes the first impression worthy as compared to other applicants’ requested sheets for approval. You can also add the institution name or title beside the approval sheet headline. It counts on your choice as well as the choice of the organization you are researching with.

2.   Compose an introductory statement following the headline.

In most professional approval work you will find a brief introductory statement written just below the headline. The statement aims to inform the authority about the purpose of the research work. But don’t add extra lines here. Keep it brief and evident. It brings clarity to your approval sheet. Try to expand the when, where, who, what, and how mixtures here.

Once they are finding it convincing in the statement about the purpose of the research work then they will continue their reading and will sign your document. Keep it formal and to the point in this section.

3.   Insert the terms and conditions section here.

In the whole approval sheet write up this part is the most sensitive. Here, carefully write about the terms and conditions otherwise the authority can reject or come into direct conflict with you. Here, mention that once the work is approved the following things will come into effect promptly.

In this part, you can talk about a commission, termination of the approval, and other conditions. Make your tone soft here and mention every condition here only for avoiding later confusion.

4.   Look at the approval sheet sample format and organize it accordingly.

Remember you can come out with the best format only after looking at some prior worker-out approval sheet formats. Follow some of the parts of their lay and bring your changes in it as per your requirement. The only tip to make the sheet attractive is by using easy and understandable language. Don’t add jargon to it. Side by side, maintain the formal tone to make it look like an official document.

5.   Make a section in the sheet for the signature part.

The most valuable section of your approval sheet is the signature block. Keep it ready at the end of the page. Also, place the name of the authorized person along with his scholarly degree and designation. Also, place the name of the person who has submitted the form. And at the top of the name of the authorized person, leave wide space for his or her signature along with the date. And once you are sure about the form’s structure, then print it in A4 size paper and keep it ready with you in a file.

Here are some examples of Approval sheet for different universities.

Example of Approval Sheet

Approval Sheet Example 1

Approval Sheet Sample

Example of Approval Sheet for Thesis 2

approval sheet example

Thesis Approval Sheet Example 3

Thesis Approval sheet format 4

You can create your approval sheet in the above format.

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